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Indy's Top Patio Spots - where to grab the perfect al fresco bite


Indy's Top Patio Spots - where to grab the perfect al fresco bite

Indiana summers are known for serving up a plethora of farm fresh goodness.

That’s why these long days and warm nights are the perfect time to take advantage of some prime, al fresco goodness.

All around the city, restaurants with amazing outdoor setups are vying to grab our attention during the patio season.

We’re confident that the fantastic food and drinks that these three favorites are serving up will keep you coming back throughout the fall!

Here are three of our favorite Indy spots for outdoor dining.

Up first is Fresco Italian Cafe on the Canal.

This adorable cafe serves up more than amazing meals, it has the views to match. Located on the central canal, with a menu ranging from Italian beef to gelato, you’ll be sure to find something that delights your tastebuds. While it offers a cozy indoor dining space, the patio is the place to be. String lights and chic black + green umbrellas welcome patrons to this happening spot.

Our second must-munch spot is BRU Burger.

Located on Mass Ave., this restaurant is known for its impressive list of unique burger creations. They have everything from the Traditional to the Melt Your Face, which is a concoction topped with Habanero hot sauce, Habanero Jack, Jalapeño, Habanero Whole Grain Mustard, and lettuce. Talk about a heat wave! Plus you can dine underneath BRU’s patio lights to see an awesome art installment, Brick Head 3.

Third and final on our list, but certainly not least, is The Eagle.

This favorite is another Mass Ave. gem, located on the corner of Delaware Street. They have one of the liveliest patio setups, with blues streaming throughout, a full bar, and multiple fire pits. They serve up hometown hospitality with a touch of industrial design. The American fare is a fan favorite and a great place to grab a bite on a nice summer night.

There are so many great spots, we wish we could include them all! Let us know your favorites below!